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Super Smart System - Affiliate Rewards Program

NOTE: This Rewards Plan is NO Longer Live!

Upgrade at ANY time! Anyone who joins mySmartInfo at ANY level will be enetered into the customer matrix. At any time you may become eligible to earn affiliate income should you change your plan to affiliate. Any of your referred customers and affilites automatically become YOUR team from which you can then earn commissions.

Simple - Reliable - Profitable

After years of research, experience and consultation with professional Affiliate & Direct Marketers, we designed the mySmart Affiliate Rewards Program and business support system to be Simple, Reliable and Profitable.

Not only do you get a spectacular suite of business support tools, you can now earn a significant passive income with using the power of leverage.

Get ALL your business team usingSuper Smart System and YOUR system is FREE.

And you could also make additional income to help with your marketing costs.

As your business grows your marketing and support costs increase, but so should your income. So that's why we assist you by giving you back a part of what Super Smart System earns from all your business team who use the Super Smart System.

Easy to Explain

The basics of the Super Smart System Affiliate Rewards Program can be explained in less than a minute. It is uncomplicated but powerful, with no pitfalls and "No-Brainer" business logic.

Affiliate Benefits  

Earn from Personal & Team Sales

In order to earn affiliate commissions you must make at least TWO sales to a customer or affiliatevia your personalized website.

  • There is no requirement to carry ANY stock
  • Your personal websites do the selling for you
  • Earn monthly income from personal sales of Super Smart System Accounts
  • Earn from sales made by affiliates in your personal affiliate group
  • Earn from sales generated by your total affiliate team
  • There is no restriction as to how many sales you can make
  • There is no restriction as to how many Affiliates you can register
  • There is no restriction as to how much commissions you can earn
  • You earn commissions every month for those who become monthly subscribers
  • You may earn additional income for one-off shop sales
  • Customers can convert to affiliates at any time and "earn back" their referred customers
Use the Products & Services... Save Money
Recommend to Others... Make an Income
Teach Others... Leverage your Income
Repeat Often... Financial Freedom!

6 Degress of Separation

Ever heard that you can get to anyone in the world with only 6 steps? Well that's why we believe the simplest way to compensate you for helping us is to build the custoomer base is to pay you for 6 (six) levels of customers.

There's only TWO requirements to get started...

  • Subscribe yourself as an affiliate
  • Get 2 (two) customers (subscribers) at ANY level

That's it! SIMPLE!

We'll then pay 10% commission on up to 6 levels of customers... anywhere in the world. And you can pay your account from the money you earn (when it exceeds your monthly subscription value). And that won;t take long if you are promoting the SuperSmartSystem to your team.

Get a total of 10 (ten) subscribers at the same level in your 6 levels and your account is covered!

Sales Value (SV)

Sales Value is the price a customer pays for a product or service.

Whether you are a Member, Customer or Affiliate, the purchase of any product or service by you (now or in the future) is considered a sale by the Affiliate who made the sale to you (or enrolled you into the system). If you become an Affiliate then this Affiliate is also referred to as your immediate upline or sponsor.

Business Value (BV)

Business Value (BV) is a percentage of the Sale Value and is used to compute the Affiliate Commissions.

  • BV are equivalent to AUD (Australian Dollars)

Team Sales Commission (TSC)

Affiliates can earn a Team Sales Commission (TSC) on up to 6 levels of Qualified Affiliates.

Your Affiliate Status determines the number of levels from which you can earn.

Level 1 sales are those acquired by your direct efforts. All personally generated sales to customers and consumption by personally enrolled members and affiliates appear as Level 1 Commission.

Level 2 sales are those acquired by affiliates that you personally enrol. Level 3 sales are those made by level 2 Affiliates... etc

Affiliate Status
Min Personal Sales Volume (PSV)
0 BV
0 BV
0 BV
0 BV
20 BV
Level 1 BV
Level 2 BV
Level 3 BV

Level 4 BV
Level 5 BV
Level 6 BV

How Much Money can I Make as an Affiliate?

You must first register as a SmartFone Member before you can see the true value and scope of the of the Affiliate Rewards Program. It is free to register as a Member.

Create YOUR Freedom Today...

Create Health, Wealth & Lifestyle and the Freedom that goes with it... Freedom to do what you want... when you want... where you want... and with who you want.

With our duplicatable business system you can design your ideal lifestyle. Generate a Significant Passive Income (money that comes whether you continue to work or not) by simply sharing this program with others.

Explosive Potential

  • Stable international company
  • Leveraged & expanding market
  • Rock solid business partners
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Unique & business products & services
  • Phenomenal commission plan
  • World-class payment systems
  • Simple but powerful marketing system
  • World's best business support system
  • Dedicated success oriented team
  • Commitment to help you archive your dreams!

What is it that YOU want...? and how fast do you want it...

How Do I Become an Affiliate?

To join the Affiliate Rewards Program you only need to register with (or upgrade to) a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum SmartWeb account. Members do not earn any affiliate commissions.

There is no obligation for an affiliate to purchase or promote SmartFone any products or programs.

Affiliates may upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time by selecting the appropriate link in their secure login control panel.

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