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SERVICES - Communications, Internet & Web


Smart PHONE - World's Most Integrated Phone System

Join our revolutionary Phone Service and get FREE Global Phone Calls to friends, family & associates PLUS all the options to make it the last phone account you will ever need. More>>


Smart CONFERENCE - Audio, Video & Online Webinars

Personal Video Conference, Global Video Broadcast, Global Web Conference with Audio, Full Moderator Control, Up to 16 Cameras and 200 Participants, Integrated Messaging, Whiteboard, Web Touring, Recording & Replay. More>>

Smart IVR

Smart IVR/PABX- Audio Information, Diversion & Sizzle Lines

The Smart PABX is a powerful Inbound Call Routing for both business and personal users. Simple but powerful Auto-Attendant (IVR - Interactive Voice Response) functions. Accepts calls from local (PSTN) phone number(s) or internet phone number(s) More>>


Smart PORTAL - Fax, Messaging, Blogging, Storage ++

With the click of a mouse you can add and configure a diverse range of optional modules (more than 50) to support Fax, Messaging, Blogging, Calendars, Wiki, Location, Project Manager and more. Create your own Smart Communications Portal. More>>

Smart WEB

Smart WEBSITES - Online Business Systems

A powerful suite of Website services, tools and controls to complement your communications infrastructure. Build everything from a simple landing page to a complete corporate website. Add newsletter campaigns, set email autoresponders, and track all your customers and prospects online Contact Management System (CMS). More>>


Smart DOMAINS - Registration & Maintenance

Domain Name Registration, Website Hosting, Design, Starter Packages, Advertising, Autoresponders, Application Serving, Online Databases, Replicating Websites and more. More>>

Smart SHOP

Smart SHOP - Products & Solutions

Select from a select range of telephones, handsets, routers and devices (VoIP & non-VoIP) that have been extensively tested and chosen to complete a Home, Soho or Business Solution. More>>


Smart SOLUTIONS - Home, Soho & Business

Specially selected hardware, software & support is combined in package deals with our years of experience to bring you the perfect solution to your needs. More>>


Smart SUPPORT - Help When You Need It

SmartFone provides additional configuration & customization support on all products and services. From basic advice to highly technical integration. We do it all. More>>


Smart COMMUNITY - Custom, Co-Branding & White Label

With our years of experience and expertise, why build it yourself when SmartFone can do it all for you. Reap the rewards of having a purpose-built system that gets results for you and your business or personal community. More>>

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PRODUCTS - Home, Soho & Business

In order to use ANY VoIP Service Provider (VSP) you will need to translate your voice to a digital signal suitable for transmission over the internet. With SmartFone you can choose from a number of different technologies to suit Home, Soho or Business (SME) applications.

All devices have been extensively tested for best performance and functionality and have powerful features and great user benefits. We also only supply devices which follow "Open Standards" so they will have the greatest compatibility with other technology.

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ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter)

Converts your current phone to become a digital VoIP phone. Plugs into your your LAN (Local Area Network). Continue to receive "regular" calls and make emergency calls on the old "Telco" network. Some also have an additional LAN port for connecting your computer with only one LAN cable.


Digital (VoIP) Telephones

Enterprise grade business telephones with all the features you'd want. They connect directly to your LAN (network). If you do NOT have a router then you will need to get one. Many SIP phones have an additional LAN port for connecting your computer or another device on your desk.

WiFi Handset

WiFi Wireless Digital (VoIP) Handsets

A WiFi Phone enables you to use your SmartFone/1CC service through a Wireless B/G/N network and high-speed Internet connection. Connect at home, your office, a friend's house or at a public hotspot, and make low-cost phone calls aaway from a fixed connection. These are like your desk phone but wireless with a web browser in it. Some mobile/cell phones (like the Dopod 838 and Nokia N91) now include a WiFi phone client in them to mimic what this phone can do.

 Wirelss VoIP Router

Modems, Routers, Wireless

A router is a device which allows you to connect multiple computers, telephones or phone adapters to a single internet connection. An ADSL2+ or Cable Modem can be incorporated into the same casing with Firewall and Wireless (WiFi) as well. The NEW era of All-in-One Integrated Access Devices (IADs) can connect one or two VoIP handsets so you don't have to purchase separate ATA's (Analog Telephone Adapters). Add optional VPN Tunneling and you have the latest of everything.

USB Handset  Analog or USB Headset.

USB Handsets or Headsets

Connects to your computer's USB port. Microphone and Headphones (or analog headset) connects to your microphone and headphone sockets. Notebook users can also use the inbuilt microphone and loudspeaker. A Softphone must be running on your computer for you to make and/ or receive calls.



A Softphone is short for Software Telephone. It is a program that runs on your computer to allow you to make or receive computer telephone calls (and sometime video calls). Additional features include video calling, call recording (including video) and presence (who's available).

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Configured & Delivered to Work Right Out of the Box!

In most cases you simply have to enter a few personal settings and they will burst into life! If that 's not your thing then you can opt for our configuration service to get you going with a minimum of fuss.

By the way... unlike many other broadband phone service providers, we DO NOT lock any of these devices to our network. You will own them outright, so you can change them to ANY VoIP provider if you wish.

Package Deals

We have special package deals available for those who want to save money with an off the shelf solution and then customise it from there.

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