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  • Affiliates must have a Net2MAX Account to qualify to earn team income
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  • SmartFone Membership required to become a Net2MAX subscriber
  • Costs NOTHING to Register with Net2MAX
  • FREE Net2MAX Plan available for trial or permanent use
  • Net2MAX Subscribers can choose the best plan to suit their needs
  • Net2MAX subscribers are customers of Net2MAX/OZtell
  • You will be required to register your mobile number or credit card for personal identification
  • Register with SmartFone as a Member (min) then login to continue with Net2MAX registration

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Want A Package Deal or Human Help?

  • Not really sure what to do next?
  • Want advice as to what is the best option?
  • Got a business and want to register multiple accounts?
  • Don't have the patience to fill in forms?
  • Too slow at entering details?
  • Use our Guided Registration Assistance
  • A real person will help you through all the steps

Fast Start with Human Help

Upgrade, Downgrade, Stop or Suspend Your Plan at Any Time

To Upgrade your plan at any time simply login to your secure user dashboard and select from the Financial Manager then Upgrade Plan then choose your new plan from the list.

To Downgrade your plan at any time simply login to your secure user dashboard and select Financial Manager then Downgrade Plan then choose your new plan from the list.

To Suspend or Stop your plan at any time simply login to your secure user dashboard and select Financial Manager then Downgrade Plan then choose INACTIVE Plan from list. Your account will be deactivated and no further charges will be made to your credit card. Your details may remain in our database for historical purposes or if you wish to reinstate your account at any time in the future.

Essential Security Measures

To prevent fraud and misrepresentation we require you to provide enough personal information to identify you as a real person. If you are not prepared to provide these details then we cannot provide our services to you.

We gather your details in the strictest confidence for the purpose of providing products and/or services and for maintaining your account only. We do not sell or offer your details to any other party unless requested by you or ordered to do so by law.

Certain personal and financial details will be kept in our secure online database. To protect your information we use the highest available (256 bit) security encryption methods, similar to the security methods used by our bank and credit card merchant facility.

Information about you and your account, including your personal details, credit/debit cards and passwords, can be edited or updated at any time by logging in to your secure user control panel.

Fees & Charges

Charges to your credit card will be in AUD (Australian Dollars). Holders of non-Australian credit cards will have their charges converted (by their credit card company) back to the local currency at the applicable rate on the day the charge is processed. [Check conversion rate into your currency] Any additional conversion rates and fees imposed by your credit provider are borne by the card holder.

Your credit card will be charged the designated subscription fee automatically EVERY CALENDAR MONTH until you cancel your account!

If funds are not available at the required time, your account WILL be suspended. We notify you up to 3 times before suspension. If funds are not forthcoming within 30 days your account will be cancelled.

You can change your credit card details online or contact us at any time. When you change your card details you will be charged a $1.00 AUD fee on the card in order to validate it.

We DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS for unused services. You are committing to a paid in advance (prepaid) monthly account. If you do not use the services then you will need to cancel your account PRIOR TO YOUR ACCOUNT BEING CHARGED for the next month's service fee.

Because your card will be automatically charged, for our security and yours, our bank and our credit card payment processors may require the owner of the card to forward a Written Credit Card Authority Form (via mail only) with a photo copy of the designated card PLUS a copy of the owner's photo ID. Without these on file we may have to suspend your account until we receive them. These, and any other relevant documents, are available via your Secure User Control Panel.

Additional Terms & Conditions

All accounts are PREPAID and rechargeable using a valid credit, debit or charge card, selected internet payment systems or accrued commissions. We do NOT issue Invoices or 30 day accounts.

Due to the nature of international trade, the internet and the telecommunications industry, Pricing, Terms & Conditions and Policies & Procedures are all SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

Do not proceed if you are uncertain of your rights and/or obligations.

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