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About SupaClix

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Designed for Power, Reach, Flexibility and Simplicity

SupaClix is built to support & enhance all your current marketing & communications methods, not replace them.

We connect you and your current systems with the brave new world. All with a minimum of fuss and maximum impact.

SupaClix harnesses the power of traditional marketing, information transfer & storage systems and combine them with the explosive power of the Internet, VoIP, Telephone (PSTN), Wireless & Mobile Phone (3G/4G), Web Video Streaming (YouTube, etc), Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc), Smartphones and Tablets.

What used to cost hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars per month you can now get for only a few dollars per month... with no contracts!

Generic, Opportunity, Company or Product Focus

Choose from a large selection of landing/squeeze pages to suit YOUR opportunity or or product that you are marketing.

Your account lets you use as many landing/squeeze pages you want. Choose the ones that suit YOU.

And if YOUR company or product is not currently available we can produce a suite of landing pages for you in just a few days.

One Account - Multiple Opportunities

Do you market more than one opportunity/company?

You only need ONE account to support multiple opportunities.

Every opportunity has its own Campaign Manager with its own Contact Manager and Autoresponder Manager. You will always know how you acquired your prospect and their current status.

Our Recommended Programs

The following programs are those that we personally use and endorse. We encourage you to take a browse and contact us if you want more information.

Program Description & Link

Collaboration :: Convergence :: Community